Thursday, July 22, 2004

just shut up.

im sure i'll hear this.shortly. alas i have no life so i will be ranting endlessly. i spent the day with my soon to be ex husband.endless children are moving from their home,which i left for them in arkansas to louisiana with their criminal element step mother and my other idiot ex husband.i am running into people from AA everywhere so either god is hinting or...the heat brings them out in name is amy im 36yrs old i live in staten island new york.i escaped arkansas but miss engaged to the best guy ever,he is a castle dweller. my dearest freind, vic is an x rated rapunzel.i read endlessly , am into halloween, enjoy cross stitch, drinking and am heavily tattoed. are ya scared yet? god knows i am. i watched the bone collector and gone in sixty seconds tonight. netflix rules. watched secret window with johnny dep the other day. it kicked ass. hit her again for me!!! watched ginger snaps very cool and how hot is that older sister?whew!recently read:the bromiliad trilogy,dead witch walking,dime store magic,cravings,am working on, after human. i hang out at several places online. makeupalley,garden partay at delphi,hauntersnetwork,halloweenforum, search them you'll find them or you wont.whatever. my printer isnt hooked up cause i lost the disc when we moved and i havent the foggiest  how to work the digital camera .so im screwed for posting pics for now. remember kids-everybody wants to be a playtapus until they get the bill.--amy


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