Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Why are men so disgusting ?

Men you know. Men you think you know. Men who should know better. Why do they still behave such disgusting behavior at times. I dont get it . Seriously. We arent talking belching at the dinner table . We are talking about commenting on a totally inappropriate sexually provocative photo on their facebook page .the photo and other comments are pretty bad. Its labeled "jail bait" the comments are disgusting and you find your husbands clever witty spine chilling comment to be "you know the old saying, if theres grass on field ,play ball" ive never been so shocked or repulsed by a man i loved in my life. Who is this man? What was he thinking?bdo i even know him? Does anyone ever know anyone truly? Anyone at all could have viewed his profile followed the link to his comment and been confronted immediately with this photo. Ugh


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