Friday, July 23, 2004

human refuse,early mornings-thanks i gave at the office

so the phone rings.yeah i hate that. it does it a bunch,several times in fact. and since its being insistent i crawl from my bed and lo and ones dead or anything cool,but vic needs to alight. its raining shes been to the court house and is not thrilled. so now theres two of us not thrilled. she shows up and my glasses are i stomp about searching while the vicster regales me with tales of the court house. her morning at the court house was the result of dating a genuine unwell ,lunatic,dangerous felon. aparently the courthouse was a veritable carnival of miscreants. the way one separates refuse for disposal ,we as a people should seperate the great unwashed from,well,  me.nothing like being searched at the door,made to empty ones purse in front of god and everyone while surrounded by crack heads and wife beaters eh? i feel her pain,i do ive been to our illustrious court house with a crack head ex boyfreind a few times.and it is really frickin creepy. its raining.which is cool my flowers will be pleased. its a friday so the weekend stretches ahead unsullied as of yet by arguments,hangovers,and the like. there will be more,much more much to my chagrin.-amithany


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