Tuesday, July 27, 2004

buy backs and winnings

wow scared me, couldnt get in for a second. phew. anyway, its raining dogs and cats and small rodents here. great weather. so we went to the bar and drank more tham expected"gasp shock..." Had a good time but paitience always runs short after drinking. Have gotten an unsatisfactory email from victoria and a cryptic phone message. hope shes alright. she better be.  we're all in a tangle here its hardest for icky , i remember her age myself. sometimes i think if i hadnt gotten married so young id be dead. if my partying hadnt had an early end, if creating a family hadnt fuffilled my and absorbed all my energy its likely id have imploded.  i cooked tonight,dinner was good. ran around a bunch today. am sending a trade to italy sorry gotta leave.--amy


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