Thursday, July 29, 2004

tupac lives....

apparently downstairs from me. after all it couldnt be those nice cali boys coming in at 4am then blasting rap music and talking smack could it? meanwhile back at building 10,greg has completely lost his mind. calling my house cursing and muttering/stuttering incoherently angrily at my vic. you know,no one likes to be one likes to get their heart stomped but,dude,really get some pride, and assaulting a young woman is not really apropriate no matter what. your'e hurt,your'e upset ,your'e angry,filled with resentment are ya?swell , now be a man and shut up about it.honestly. made chili for dinner. it was up at this hour listening to the idiots downstairs ,cant sleep,feel crappy, its just not good. i should be a pill tomarrow.--amy


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